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This is a video I made for an event on campus called “Week of Words”

The point of the video is to show just how important those words or phrases are that are spoken into us – and in turn, spoken to others.

We don’t forget words.

Words have power. The power to speak life and love…or the unfortunate power to tear a life apart.

Let’s consciously choose to speak life to everyone around us…

I believe that when we do this, we will bring heaven to earth.

Beads of ice coat my window

from the night of harsh wind and snow.

As the sun peaks over the horizon

its rays reach towards my window,

casting glimmers of light into my sleepy eyes

as if to say,

“Good morning, Brooklyn!”

Melting ice beats rhythmically.

Hundreds of tap dancing drops

splash and play on the ground and in the gutters.

They slide down the arms of the trees,

dancing and singing a song

for anyone who is ready and willing to listen.

Anyone can hear it,

most people are just too busy to notice.

They say, “God doesn’t speak.”

but I say, “It is He who woke me up today.”